We organise the contest with Modelwarships forum

The contest is for registered users of the forum. 7 prizes in 4 categories.

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ModelWarships & ION Model International Contest Rules

Contest is organized by ModelWarships and ION Model. The goal is to encourage modelers to improve their skills and show their creations to a bigger audience.



1. The contest starts on 01 September 2022

2. Final date for submissions is 01 January 2023

3. The results of the contest will be published on 01 February 2023 on website.

4.Until 15th of February 2023 the winners need to provide information needed to ship the prizes with selected sets from ION Model offer.

5. The prizes will be shipped to winners (as gifts) the latest on 10th April 2023


For who?:

The contest is open for all modelers world wide except:

1. Jury members and their relatives

2. ModelWarships forum owner, team members and their relatives,

3. ION Model owner, employees and their relatives,


Submission requirements:

1. Each submission has to be placed as a new topic in ModelWarships & ION Model contest category on ModelWarships forum, The topic has to be created in a proper section defining the category of the submission (example: ModelWarships & ION Model contest > 1/700 best ship > submission)

2. The submission has to be a model not older than 1 year (models created from 01 September 2021 are allowed)

3. Only 4 pictures per submission are allowed, including one close up. The pictures has to have 3840 × 2160 px size minimum. Remember the pictures are as important as your great build, we will prepare a guide how to make good pictures to help you).

4. Each submission has to have a description of up to 1000 characters.

5. One modeler can enter two submissions in any category.

6. Submitted model has to be created by the uploading party.

7. Submissions uploaded after the final date for submissions will be rejected.

8. Submission needs to be uploaded to the Modelwarships International Contest (Forum) to one of the categories: 1/350, 1/700, Diorama

9. By entering the submission modeler agrees to the contest rules.

10. Each submission can be withdrawn by contacting ModelWarships forum administrator



1. Best ship diorama

2. 1/700 best ship

3. 1/350 best ship

4. Audience selection

5. All other scales

6. Best of the best in 1/350

7. Best of the best in 1/700


The winners will be selected by jury:

1. Timothy Dike (

2. Martin J Quinn (

3. Mariusz Bejczak

4. Luis Albendin Valenzuela

5. Ramir Durá

6. Janusz Bogusz

7. Mikolaj Humienny (ION Model)



1. Execution of assembly

2. Execution of painting

3. Weathering

4. Integration of the whole and general presentation

5. Bonus criteria: historical accuracy / what if?


Prizes and winners announcement:

There are four types of prizes:

1. Bronze prize (3rd place)

2. Silver prize (2nd place)

3. Gold/Admiral prize (1st place)

4. Bonus prize (Best of the best)

+ two honorable mention per category – 10% discount

In categories from 1 to 3 and 5:

• 3rd place – 2x ION Model set + 20% discount + 10%FreeTimeHobbies discount

• 2nd place – 3x ION Model set + 20% discount + 10%FreeTimeHobbies discount

• 1st place – 4x ION Model set + 20% discount + 10%FreeTimeHobbies discount

Audience selection:

• 4x ION Model set + 20% discount + 10%FreeTimeHobbies discount

Best of the best:

• Best of the best in 1/350 – Flyhawk Deluxe Edition + 15%FreeTimeHobbies discount

• Best of the best in 1/700 – Flyhawk Deluxe Edition + 15%FreeTimeHobbies discount

Each winner will receive a certificate confirming honorable award

Winners will be announced on ModelWarships forum in topic:

Link to forum



The contest isn’t sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with any social media platform used throughout the contest